BASIS:Basis is the difference between cash and futures prices, or the difference between(but similar) financial Instruments. CALL:The optional right of an issuer to redeem bonds before their stated maturity, at a given price on a given data. COVER:It is to protect the value of the future proceeds of an international trade transaction, usually by buying or selling the proceeds in the forward market. FISCAL POLICY:It means the policy relating to taxation, expenditure, government’s debts Read more [...]

Financial Glossary

Below are the list of few financial words and their meanings are also explained. These financial words along with their meanings are very helpful in order to understanding the financial terms and conditions not only for finance people but also for all. Absorption  Costing A  method  of  dealing  with  production  overhead  in  which  the  cost  of  inventories  includes  both  fixed  and  variable  production  overhead. Accounting  Policies The  principles,  Read more [...]

Master of Computer Application (M.C.A),Exam,Jobs,Scope,Carrier etc.

MCA: Master of Computer Application is a post graduate degree and in the market of Technology, there is a continuously increased demand for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. There are basically two types of degree awarded in MCA which is called Post Graduate degree in computer application (PGDCA) and Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology (PGDIT). MCA programme is  basically designed for learning of application development and latest languages of programming Read more [...]

Master in Buisness administration(MBA),entrance exam,admission,types of MBA, carrier

Master of Business Administration is a post graduate degree which is essential for making  career in management.MBA programme is divided basically in three types , regular , part time and distance learning mode.MBA programs provides training in basic business principle including finance, economics, strategic planning, systems, resource management etc. Specialization :  Following are the most common specialization in MBA: 1-General Management new year 2014 sms 2-MBA in Finance 3-MBA Read more [...]


GATE is an all-india examination conducted by the indian institute of technology and indian institute of science,Bangalore, on behalf of the national coordinatiing board-GATE,department of education,ministry of human resources development(mhrd),government of india. Admission: Admission of post graduate courses with mhrd scholarship/assistantship inengineering/technology/architecture/pharmacy atcolleges/institututes will be open only to those who qualify in GATE. New year wishes Objective: Read more [...]